Day 1

Welcome to Camp!

I’ll see you on the 21st for the first day of camp.

By now you should have:

  • Your Bands and Accessories
  • A place to workout and attach your bands
  • Something that helps you monitor your work set time like a Timex Iron-man Watch or Seconds Pro App ( I do provide a rep option as well if you don’t have a way to time your sets)
  • You have joined the RBT FIT Camp FB Group (No worries if you don’t… I realize not everyone is a FB Fan)

With that you should be set to go.

With that I also have some small pre-workout routines I want you to start getting familiar with.

This 8-Min Mobility Flow Routine I take my campers through before every workout. I won’t be doing this with you but will expect you to start using it. Mobility is key to your movement longevity so I will stay on you to keep trying this.

Also, I ask my campers to come in early whenever possible to do the Band Hip Flexibility Series. I would highly recommend starting to build this into your workout routine at least 3 times per week. It takes about 12-min to do

So use the next 2 days to start mobilizing and stretching. The more you repeat these the easier and more efficient they become.